At United Voice, we walk our talk. When you work with us, you’re joining an organisation with big vision, a strong mission, capable team and desire to serve that drives everything we do.  

We’re innovative, we’re ambitious and we’re effective at winning better jobs, stronger communities, a fairer society and a sustainable future.  

This is not a union for the faint of heart — we expect big things from our people, and we support each other to be our very best. 

If you like the idea of joining a union that’s empowering of some of Australia’s most valuable yet under-appreciated workers – the people who care for our children, clean our shopping centres, hospitals and hotel rooms, work with our prisoners, drive our ambluances and care for our elderly – then this could well be the organisation for you.

Lead Industrial Officer - Victoria

United Voice Victoria is a powerful member-led union driving change by growing union membership and density, growing the union rank and file leadership, growing the participation of members in the union, driving and enforcing standards in our sectors, and campaign

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