United Voice members in the ACT come from many different industries and backgrounds. These industries include cleaning and security, childcare, aged care, higher education and hospitals and clubs, leisure and hotels.


In the ACT, United Voice members are covered by 16 awards and almost 40 enterprise agreements.

Lyndal Ryan, ACT Secretary


Your United Voice Branch plays an important role working to:
  • organise workplaces;
  • provide members with support and advice;
  • appear in industrial courts; and
  • lobby politicians.
The ACT Branch hires three full-time officials, and is run by Branch Council made up of rank-and-file members.
The ACT office is located in Barton, in central Canberra.

Members set the agenda

United Voice members play an important role in setting the agenda of their Union at all levels.
Each Branch has a democratic structure that gives members a real voice in the way it operates.

Information on Union Fees 2013/14


Street Address:

Unit 5, 2nd floor
40 Brisbane Ave
Barton ACT 2600


Toll Free: 
1800 805 027 
02 6273 1628