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95% of educators voted for national, sector-wide walk-offs

Big Steps

Early childhood educators shape the futures of every child they care for and educate, but the Turnbull Government has refused to recognise the value of their profession. 

In a historic ballot, 95% of educators have voted for national, sector-wide walk-offs in response to the Prime Minister’s inaction on equal pay.

Early childhood education has long been seen as “women’s work”, with over 97% of the sector being female. It’s been 45 years since the 1972 Equal Pay Case, yet educators are still paid only half the national average wage.
A responsible government would have already fixed this. 
Turnbull’s failure to properly fund this stage of a child’s education has left United Voice members with no other choice but to escalate their campaign for equal pay.
Educators who want to be involved in the upcoming walk-offs can take the first step by joining United Voice here
Community members can add their names to our supporter list and call on Prime Minister Turnbull to fund equal pay here.