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I’m a delegate from the local brewery.

I have a good manufacturing job. I have job security. I can take my children to netball, soccer, and swimming on weekends, and spend quality time with my family. My employer takes safety seriously, so my family can have peace of mind.

I have decent pay and conditions. And I feel respected at work.

I feel fortunate to have a good job, but I’m also worried for the future. It makes me sad to think, over the past few decades, jobs like mine have declined, and are no longer normal.

More and more people are being forced to work in jobs they can’t count on. Where hours and wages are not predictable, and employees don’t know if they’re able to pay the rent. Many employers cut corners on safety to save money.

When I think about the future, I think about my children. Cuts to health and education, and record low wage growth... How will the society we’re shaping, be good for my children? For our children?

I’ve been a member of United Voice for thirteen years, and I’ve learnt that things don’t just happen on their own.

Big business spends lots of money on campaigns to cut weekend rates and water down workers’ rights. But when workers stand together in their union, we win.

I have a job that I can count on because almost all of my workmates are members of United Voice. When more people join their union, we can win a society that we can count on.