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This is about more than my job, her job, their job. As members of United Voice, we care about more than our own patch - we care about the lives of others.

On the eve of the statewide Leaders’ Convention, I joyously stood with people that care as much as I do about winning equality.

Side by side we waved equal pay placards, during peak-hour traffic in Launceston, calling for support from the passing cars. Our placards read HONK FOR EQUAL PAY!

Such fun!

Hearing the support of so many members of the public, honk after honk, was amazing. The only thing that topped this soundtrack, was how it felt to stand with members who also care about me, her, them.

Many members stood with me as part of the action - not because they were hoping to improve their own working lives, but because that wanted the lives of others to improve.

This is our union – together, stronger. As members we inspire each other, we work to enrich the lives of those we may not even know and, we connect with our values.