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Letter to MPs and Senators from Dr. John Falzon, on behalf of We Clean the People's House

Dear Senator/Member of Parliament,

The cost of living in the A.C.T. is going up.

This is why federal politicians who travel to Canberra have just received an increase in their travel allowance – and it is also why those who clean the People’s House are in desperate need of a pay increase.

We Clean the People’s House was established to assist those who clean your office, day in and day out, but are struggling on a wage that hasn’t risen in five years.

The failure to pay the Parliament House cleaners a fair wage disregards the fact that cleaners are people who are struggling to support their families and pay their rent.

So if you aren’t already a supporter of We Clean the People’s House, donate $20 per week, because Australia is a place where every working person should be able to earn a livable wage.

Kind Regards,

Dr John Falzon

On behalf of We Clean the People’s House