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Long Service Leave

Union members fought for the long service leave entitlements we enjoy today.


It’s important to be aware of these entitlements. Here are 5 key things to know:

  1. In Tasmania, if you have worked continuously for 10 years with an employer you are entitled to  2/3 weeks long service leave and further entitlements years after this.

  2. You are entitled to a pro-rata payment of your long service leave if you have worked continuously for 7-10 years employment and:
                   • you reach retirement age; or
                   • you have to cease work because of illness or pressing necessity, or
                  • your position is terminated/made redundant (apart from serious misconduct).

  3. If you have been employed in the same job continuously for 10 years under different employers (contractors) you may still be entitled to long service leave.

  4. Casual employees are entitled to long service leave if they have worked continuously.

  5. United Voice Tasmania has successfully pursued many claims for unpaid long service leave for members this year. Members working in the cleaning, security and hospitality industries are most likely to have to pursue claims to enforce their entitlements.


For further information about your entitlements, talk to your workplace delegate or contact Member Support at United Voice.