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Budget 2016: Still waiting, Scott

Children's Services

Children, families and educators let down by Government

The Federal Government has betrayed families by deferring its long-awaited Families Package.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has put on hold early learning subsidies worth $3.2 billion. The subsidies were scheduled to start in 2017 but have been put on hold until 2018 in this year’s Budget.

Helen Gibbons, Assistant National Secretary of United Voice, the early childhood union says “Families, educators and early childhood providers have been let down by the Government which has once again failed to deliver on promised funding support for early learning.

“It is also bitterly disappointing that the Government has failed, yet again, to take any measures to fix the woefully inadequate pay of educators.

“A government that truly values our children would also value the educators who provide education to children in the critical early years.

“By delaying the subsidies the Government will save $1.15 billion in 2017-18. That’s $1.15 billion that won’t be spent on learning subsidies for young children, so parents will have to wait until 2018-19 for any funding relief.

“The Families Package has some problems which can and should be resolved, including the unfair cuts to Family Tax Benefits that the Government has tied to funding this measure. This must be done so young children can benefit from the injection of long overdue additional funding into the early childhood sector.

“It seems the Government can find extra funds to cover tax cuts for businesses with a $10 million turnover but will not prioritise funding children’s early learning and fair pay for educators,” says Helen Gibbons.

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