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It’s time for decent hospitality employers to stand up for their staff


United Voice today called on hospitality employers to commit to maintain existing wage rates regardless of any decision by the Fair Work Commission in the protracted weekend penalty rates case.

The long wait to learn if the Commission will give the go ahead to the biggest pay cut since the Great Depression is taking its toll on hospitality workers.

David McElrea, Assistant National Secretary of United Voice, says “It’s just one month until Christmas but our members don’t know if they will be able to afford presents for their kids.

“We’re calling on employers to give their hard-working staff certainty that they will not face a sudden pay cut. This is a pay cut they can’t afford and don’t deserve.

“The most notable feature of this case is the total failure by hospitality and retail employers to provide any credible evidence to justify slashing the wages of their staff up to 30%.

“We hope the Commission will do the right thing but hoping isn’t enough. United Voice will continue to fight for fair pay and decent working conditions.

“We’re calling on hospitality employers, particularly clubs, to accept responsibility for ensuring their workers have decent pay and working conditions.

“It is entirely appropriate for community-based organisations like clubs to commit to support their hard-working and already low-paid staff. They receive revenue from the community from pokies and should not slash the wages of the workers in those communities.

“We know that not all hospitality employers are part of this race to the bottom.

“It’s now time for decent employers to commit to maintain existing pay rates.

“It’s time to stand up and show you respect and value the contributions of your staff to your business,” says David McElrea.

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