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United Voice backs Barangaroo step forward

Oct 25, 2012

United Voice is welcoming news that James Packer’s Crown Sydney Hotel project has advanced to the second stage of development consideration.

Branch secretary, Mark Boyd, said the Union was particularly heartened by bi-partisan support for moving the luxury development to Stage 2 of the Unsolicited Proposal process.

“It is encouraging that both sides of politics recognise the jobs and opportunities this can deliver to the people of NSW,” Mr Boyd said.

“As a project partner we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure it happens, and that it delivers good quality jobs where the rights of employees are respected.

“United Voice believes strongly in the Barangaroo project’s commitment to Indigenous training and opportunities. We are proud to be part of that because it is exactly what our city, and our country, are crying out for.

"Our MoU secures Indigenous training and jobs, basic workplace rights and, importantly, it increases protections for workers in casino high rollers' rooms.”

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United Voice media officer, Jim Marr 0448 912892