Clean Start Guidelines to Responsible Contracting

These Clean Start Guidelines to Responsible Contracting are a tool for property owners and other industry stakeholders to move towards a sustainable cleaning industry.
Clean Start is about cleaning companies, property owners, building managers, governments and cleaners working together to recognise the issues and risks in cleaning and build support for improving the industry. Industry stakeholders have recognised the need for change and responded by embracing new Clean Start industry standards.

Congratulations to everyone in the cleaning industry - Clean Start is good for us cleaners, and it's good for owners - now we will see stability of staff, better health and safety on the job, happy tenants and most importantly happy cleaners who feel respsected for the work we do. And, for the first time in my working life as a cleaner, I feel I’m being treated like an adult.

- Chris Wagland, Cleaner in Canberra

What's next?
Now governments and property owners are working with United Voice to take the next steps required to reform the industry by developing guidelines for tendering and by contracting cleaning services responsibly. These Clean Start reforms are being undertaken because of an awareness by owners of commercial buildings - including major property trusts across Australia - that providing quality property services is the key to retaining both the value of properties and long term tenants. Cleaning represents a small cost to owners when compared with rental revenue but has a major impact on tenant satisfaction and building presentation.
Resources for Tendering
Responsible building owners are including three key elements in their tendering process.
  1. Responsible Contract Cleaning Companies: Ensuring that contractors performing cleaning work are responsible and reputable. United Voice has identified a list of responsible contract cleaning companies
  2. Clean Start Reforms: Clean Start reforms are being implemented within cleaning contracts
  3. Positive Procurement Principles are being adopted so that the appropriate checks and balances are in place to ensure the proper work practices are being adhered to.
More information
Industry stakeholders can also access the following:
  • Towards a sustainable industry: a background to the Federal Government's support for Clean Start and the work United Voice is involved in to turn the Federal Government's Procurement Principles into a Guide (including the special requirements for cleaning services)
  • Responsible cleaning contractors list: the United Voice guide to contractors who have signed on to reform the cleaning industry
  • Learn more about the issues: fact sheets which outline some of the key issues in the cleaning industry and the reasons property owners and industry stakeholders have taken steps to resolve the cleaning industry crisis
  • Green Building reforms: Background information about Green Cleaning and United Voice's engagement with this

Fact sheets




The Labor government's contribution to the campaign was the creation of a new Procurement Consultation Committee. This committee is to advise the Federal Government on procurement of the approximately $24 billion it spends on property and services every year.
The Clean Start campaign has reached the stage where a critical mass of cleaning contractors in NSW, SA, ACT and Victoria have signed the Clean Start collective agreement, and a majority of cleaning contractors have signed nationally.



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