United Voice members are essential to our community
We are the backbone of life in our state. Victorians rely on us to help them get through their day – from before they wake up, until well after they go to sleep.
Our jobs and our skills are essential to our community. We’re proud of our hard work. We want to be valued for it. And we're ready to speak up.
Like all Australians, we deserve enough for a good life. We need good wages to support our families. We need stable jobs, so we can plan our lives. We want to be able to own our own homes. And we want to be able to retire with confidence in the future.
A strong voice and real change
That’s why we’ve joined together in United Voice: To support each other, for a strong voice at work and to win real change.
When you join United Voice you become part of one of Australia’s biggest and most powerful unions. We have 120,000 members working across a wide range of industries including ambulance, childcare, cleaning, hospitality, manufacturing and security.
Being a United Voice member gives you the power to have a say about your job, your industry and your life. It means you can work with other members to ensure you are valued and respected for your skills and hard work. And you can join in and help shape our campaigns to make sure your voice is heard.
Resources and support to win
As a member of United Voice you have access to expert advice from our union office. Our specialists are on your side, helping you and your workmates win.
Thousands of United Voice members have joined together and done just that – and they’ve won higher pay, greater job security and real respect.That means you can get the support you need to speak with one strong united voice – at work, across your industry and in the community.
And if you have a problem at work, our Union Rights Centre is there for you.
The Union Rights Centre employs highly-trained advocates and lawyers with the knowledge and resources to help enforce your rights.
And if you want to take a leadership role, United Voice also provides training and support so you can help your fellow workmates have an even stronger voice at work.
Join our union
Joining United Voice is the first step to having a real say about your job – and a strong voice on the issues that matter to you.
Now is the time to join our union.

JESS WALSH, Victorian Secretary

Your Union Rights Centre

Our team of highly-trained Industrial Officers can explain and enforce your rights at work.

Contact the URC

Tel: 03 9235 7777 or Toll Free 1800 819 087 (country Victoria only)
Fax: 03 9235 7770
Email: vic@unitedvoice.org.au

The URC has helped thousands of members. Click here to read some of their stories.

Victorian Member Benefits

As a member of United Voice , you can also save money, with discounts available on a range of goods and services. Be sure to tell them you are a United Voice member.

Click here to see the full list of member benefits


Safeguard is our campaign for a professional security industry in Victoria.

Victorian security officers have developed Safeguard, as a standard to assist clients in finding quality security contractors.

Safeguard-endorsed contractors have signed collective agreements that lock in fair wages and conditions that exceed the minimum conditions.



By standing togther in our union Crown workers have kept our place as Australia’s best-paid casino workers.

Through our We Are Crown campaign we've won wages and working conditions match the world-class standard of service we deliver to patrons at Crown Melbourne every single day.

But we also know that the only way we can enforce what we’ve won and win improvements into the future is by becoming an even bigger, stronger and more powerful union at Crown. So if you haven’t joined our union yet, there’s no better time to join than now. 


Big Steps is the campaign to win professional wages in the early childhood education and care sector, led by teachers, directors, educators and workers in the sector.

The Federal Government has announced that it will inject $300 million into the sector, an important first step towards professional wages.

We will continue to campaign until all early childhood educators earn professional wages for their critical roles in giving children the best start in life.



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03 9235 7770

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