11 Things About Dutton

11 Things About Dutton

Photo from The New Daily
It's entirely possible Peter Craig Dutton will become Australia's 30th Prime Minister this week.

Here are 11 things you should know about the Minister for Home Affairs. 

1 - On the 13th February, 2008, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian Government. Among others, Peter Dutton decided to boycott the apology.

Dutton was one of several Liberal-National MPs to boycott this apology.

2 - Peter Dutton did, however, attend the long-overdue apology to the Forgotten Australians –the survivors of government policies that resulted in at least 500,000 children growing up in 'out-of-home' care in Australia in the 20th Century. Many of the Forgotten Australians are of British or Irish heritage.

3 - In a 2015 poll by Australian Doctor magazine, Dutton was voted the worst health minister in the last 35 years.

4 - In September, 2015, Dutton was caught on microphone joking and laughing at the plight of low-lying Pacific Island countries that are at severe risk of being inundated by rising sea levels. He refused to apologise, but then later did.

5 - Dutton owns six properties with his wife, including a shopping centre in Townsville. Dutton has been a fierce opponent of any changes to negative gearing, a beneficial tax arrangement for property investors.

6 - Peter Dutton has voted to cut weekend rates 8 TIMES.

It's a pay cut people can't afford and don't deserve

7 - Attempting to send a text to disgraced Liberal MP Jamie Briggs, Dutton labelled senior politics journalist Samantha Maiden a “mad f__king witch”. He accidentally sent the text to Maiden.Dutton meant to send the text to Jamie Briggs, who Maiden had reported was involved in a sexual harassment scandal.

8 - Peter Dutton voted 22 times to block a Royal Commission into the banks. He also voted 5 times to give the banks a $17b tax cut.

He voted 22 times to stop the Banking Royal Commission


9 - Earlier this year, Dutton said that people in Melbourne were scared to go out for dinner because of “African gangs”. Melbournites respond by posting images of their restaurant dinners, mocking Queenslander Dutton for the remarks.

Dutton's scaremongering wasn't going to turn Melbourne's foodies off their dinner

10 - Peter Dutton holds the Brisbane seat of Dickson by a margin of just 1.6%.A small swing would see him lose his seat

11 - Ali France, Labor’s candidate for Dickson, is a disability advocate, a former journalist and a mum to two boys. She’ll be aiming to unseat the Dutton at the next election. 

Ali France is aiming to unseat Peter Dutton at the upcoming election

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