$830,000 won back for early educators!

$830,000 won back for early educators!

When educational provider G8 made educators from 16 centres redundant, they tried to get away without paying redundancy.

G8 tried to argue that because some of the employees went on to have very casual positions with a different company, they aren't owed redundancy!

Well union members weren't taking it. They fought G8's dodgy plan at every step, eventually speaking up at the fair work commission and standing strong even under the scrutiny of G8's lawyers.

Members won! Fair work has dismissed G8s claims and now the union has written to G8 to demand they make payment in full.

"United Voice was there during the time I needed help the most. I can depend on them. Union power!" - Monina, Early Childhood Educator, former G8 employee

When union members stand together they win. Join here.

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