Abolish the CDP!


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The Community Development Program (CDP) is the Morrison Government’s punitive scheme for remote job seekers. The CDP denies people proper wages and conditions, and provides companies with a pool of free labour.

Tell Scott Morrison to end the destructive CDP – it is modern slavery and should be abolished immediately. Sign the petition.

If you are one of the people trapped in the CDP, you’re paid just $11.60 per hour. There's no annual or sick leave, no carers’ or cultural leave. You aren’t covered by the Fair Work Act, OH&S protections, or workers' compensation.

Of the 33,000 people trapped in the program, 94% are First Nations people. The Human Rights Law Centre describes the CDP as “unfair” and “discriminatory”. A report by the Australia Institute deemed it “racist” and “ineffective”.

Tell the Prime Minister to end the CDP. The draconian program must be abolished to make way for a program designed in consultation with First Nations people.

People working under CDP can be penalised for absences, despite the fact that they don’t have access to any leave. You can lose a day’s pay, or even be cut off for a period of two months, leaving you and your family without any means to put food on the table. Remote job seekers, who are overwhelmingly First Nations people, are 70 times more likely to be penalised than city-based job seekers.

At the same time, this discriminatory policy is undermining our rights at work. Employers are using the CDP to make a profit by undercutting workers’ pay, conditions, and rights.

There is a desperate need for jobs in remote Australia. But a system designed to punish the unemployed is no way to solve that.

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