Our Union

Our Union

United Voice is an organisation of over 120,000 Australian workers, united by our belief in the dignity of workers and the right to fair and just treatment at work. We are an active union, and we are passionate about organising to win.

We are people of diverse races, genders and ages, from every State and Territory. We have diverse backgrounds and a multitude of different skills, but we have the same goal—to be agents of positive social change and to continuously stand up for the type of society we believe in. Many of us work on a casual or part-time basis; 60% of us are women, and half of us are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It is from this diversity that we gain great strength.

United Voice brings together members at your workplace, across your industry and across the country. As a member you can feel secure and be ambitious about improving your job, knowing you have the support of unionised colleagues where you work and well beyond. When you are a member of United Voice, you stand together with thousands of workers in your industry – people who believe that a fairer, better society is possible.

You also join an active union that’s campaigning to win on the big issues nationally and in partnership with leading unions overseas. We’re active in workplaces, in communities and in politics.

United Voice is innovative and ambitious. But, most importantly, we’re effective at winning better jobs. Working together, we know that we can build stronger communities and a sustainable future— and a fairer society that we can be proud to pass on to future generations of Australians.


Our Charter

United Voice members are the backbone of our communities

We educate, care for, protect, clean, serve, feed, make and produce things for the community. We are proud of our work and of the contribution we make. We are essential. Without us our society and the economy would stop.

We join together in our union for a strong voice at work.

We want to be valued and respected for our hard work. We deserve secure jobs and decent pay. So we can live without stress and worry, and retire with dignity in the future.

We want a fair and equal Australia.

We believe in a healthy, secure and comfortable life for all. We value and rely on quality healthcare and education, and we need affordable housing. We need to be a strong voice in politics and society, so we can stand up for these things.

We're uniting for change

We're ready to speak up with strength and determination. We will ask our workmates and the community to join with us. We will hold governments to account on decisions they make about our lives.

Member Notices


Members can access United Voice's annual financial reports here.


United Voice Quadrennial Elections

Please check branch websites for further information and nomination forms.



The registered rules of United Voice make extensive provision for the compilation of the roll of voters in the forthcoming election. The Secretary is required to compile and certify an electoral roll which contains the names and addresses of all members who are entitled to a vote in accordance with the rules. The roll so certified is supplied to the Australian Electoral Commission which conducts the elections for United Voice. 

Rule 41 of the registered rules of United Voice sets out the basis upon which members are eligible to be included on the roll and therefore entitled to vote. The rule is designed to maximise the opportunities for members to be included on the roll and to vote.

The rule also obliges the Secretary to write to all employers who administer payroll deduction schemes to ensure that all payroll deductions are remitted to the United Voice branch office.

Any member who believes that he or she should be or should have been included on the roll and who is not on the roll may complain to the Secretary.  A decision of the Secretary adverse to the members may be appealed to a special disputes committee established for that purpose under the rules.

Members wishing to consult the actual rule are advised to read Rule 41 of the registered rules.  A full copy of this rule is available from your local United Voice branch office upon request.

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