Cleaners Winning in Canberra

Cleaners Winning in Canberra

WINNING IN THE ACTUnionised cleaners in the ACT have just had a couple of wage theft wins.

Cleaners don’t just work in offices and supermarkets. Sometimes their workplaces have high security measures in place, which means there is a greater risk.

A small group of cleaners at one such secure workplace have won back their security clearance allowance and bonus, after their boss tried to dodge paying them.

The amounts varied according to shifts, but all of them were back paid to April 2018.

Another cleaner, at a different worksite, saw that her pay slips didn’t look right. When she raised it with her boss, she was sacked.

Luckily, the cleaner was a member of United Voice, and with the backing of the union, she took on her boss for that decision. The union won her seven weeks’ worth of pay, $3,600.

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