Massage Therapist stands up against exploitation.Massage therapists have won their unfair dismissal case against Canberra Foot and Thai.

Delo Be was brought from the Philippines to Canberra by a man called Colin Elvin.

There she worked twelve-hour days, six days a week, as a massage therapist for Canberra Foot and Thai.

Delo was one of a number of massage therapists who lived in a house that the boss controlled.

If any of the massage therapists broke Colin’s rules, he would throw out their sponsored visas and they would be deported.

Delo became close to Bart, the shop’s maintenance worker, and the two fell in love.

Yet one of the boss’ rules was that workers could not to have relationships with other workers.

When Colin discovered their relationship, he told Delo she would be on the next flight back to the Philippines the following day.

That night Bart, and a few friends of the couple, turned up at the house and helped Delo escape.

Delo, Bart and the other workers gave evidence in United Voice’s unfair dismissal case in March 2018.

When they arrived at the Commission, United Voice and other ACT union members had gathered to show their support.

Delo was grateful for the support

“It was like a family, here,” Delo recalled, “It felt so good to have that support.”

The Commission has now finally handed down its findings and financial compensation was awarded to the members.

Delo was awarded $29, 228.55 plus superannuation.

Because she was in her union, Delo had the strength to take on her exploitative boss... and win! 

Huge congratulations to Delo. 

United Voice fights against exploitation. Join United Voice here. 

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