Aged Care workers win leave back-pay

Aged Care workers win leave back-pay

Stand together and winMore than 1000 Blue Care shift workers in Queensland have won back-pay for a significant amount of annual leave loading dating back to December 2012.

United Voice members working for Blue Care identified an irregularity in the way annual leave loading was being calculated that breached provisions in their EBA.

The workers should’ve been getting paid the greater of either the leave loading or shift penalty rate components of their hours, but they weren’t.

With the backing of their union, the shift workers were able to get Blue Care to agree to a review of its processes. 

The review forced Blue Care to admit it owed the workers a hefty shortfall.

Wage theft comes in many forms.

Employers can be forced to pay out stolen wages when those workers affected band together, unionise and fight for what they’re owed.

Joining your union is your first step to ensure yours is a job you can count on. 

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