Aged Care members lobby government

Aged Care members lobby government

United Voice members, together with members from the HSU, have travelled to Parliament House in Canberra today to discuss the future of our care sector with politicians. 

The Federal Budget was deeply disappointing to the aged care sector. The announcement of 14,000 new home care places was welcome - but in reality it is only a fraction of the 100,000 people currently waiting for in-home care. On top of this, it's been revealed the funding for these new places is not new funding. It's simply been taken from already under-funded residential care.

There is a real crisis in the aged care sector that this Budget does nothing to address. 

Elderly Australians are choosing to stay in their own homes longer. This means they are coming to residential home care later in life, when their care needs are greater.

At the same time, as our population ages, the numbers of people needing care is growing every year.

Higher numbers of elderly, combined with higher needs, means workloads in aged care are increasing massively. This just isn't sustainable.

To keep up with the aging population, the aged care workforce needs to grow by more than 20,000 people - every year - for the next thirty years. But there is a chronic shortage of carers now.

That's why it was so disappointing to see no real change for aged care in the Budget. The low pay and intensifying workloads sees current carers struggling to keep up - and increasingly burning out - while also discouraging people from entering the workforce.

It's outrageous that the Turnbull government can turn a blind eye to such a huge and growing problem.

Great to have Tanya Plibersek on board with Our Turn to Care!! Quality jobs equals quality care!!

Great to have Tanya Plibersek on board with Our Turn to Care!! Quality jobs equals quality care!!


If Malcolm Turnbull's government refuses to care, then it's our turn to care. Our members are in Canberra today telling their representatives that aged care deserves better. We need you to join our campaign. Tell your MP that they need to care, too. Our aged care workers - and our elderly - deserve better. 

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