Members win commitment to end CDP

Members win commitment to end CDP

An end is in sight for this racist, punitive scheme.United Voice members have helped secure the ALP’s commitment to end the Community Development Program (CDP).

The CDP is a forced labour scheme that punishes CDP workers.

The scheme is punitive and racist, with 97% of CDP workers being First Nations Peoples.

Under CDP workers aren’t covered by Work Health & Safety Laws, are paid only $11.60 an hour, and aren’t entitled to personal leave or superannuation.

On top of this, participants can be fined $50 a day and have their payments suspended for up to eight weeks for minor issues.

More than 400,000 financial penalties have been handed out since it started in 2015.

Now the end of the Morrison Government’s racist scheme is in sight.

Union members stood with CDP workers and called for the abolition of the CDP.

The campaign has secured the ALP’s commitment to end this draconian scheme, should a Shorten Labor Government be elected.

A new program will replace the CDP, which will be co-designed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and focused on delivering jobs that First Nations Peoples can count on.

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