Back pay wins for Ambulance Officers

Back pay wins for Ambulance Officers

Ambos winning what they're owed
United Voice Queensland delegates and officials have been busy during the past few months, representing ambulance officers in a number of matters to ensure they receive their correct pay and entitlements.

  • A Patient Transport Officer had been on the wrong pay code for some time and after presenting the evidence on the member's behalf, the member received a substantial back pay.
  • A member who had been acting in a higher role was not acknowledged as having accumulated the time to get a pay point progression.  After contesting this on behalf of the member, the higher pay point was accepted and the member was progressed.
  • After investigating the pay of a member who had been transferred between positions, and presenting the industrial conditions around the argument, a six-month salary continuance and back pay was won for the member.

These are just some of the recent wins that have financially benefited our members, ensuring they receive the conditions they’ve fought hard for.

It pays to know what you're entitled to. It pays to work with others to win it. It pays to be Union.

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