Big wins result in education wage boosts

Big wins result in education wage boosts

This month Queensland teacher aides and school cleaners are receiving their second annual pay rise in their new EBAs. Their first pay rise, in July, was back-dated to September 2018.

United Voice Teacher aides are also celebrating wins under the new EBA that provide eligible teacher aides on TA3 pay classification to progress to TA4 as of 1 September.

The second pay rise caps off a good EBA round for United Voice teacher aides and school cleaners, with the State Government announcing in September a one-off $1250 pro rata payment to workers employed under new public sector EBAs.

Delegates, backed by members, bargained hard with the state government last year to ensure any future improvements to government wages policy would apply to teacher aides and school cleaners, even after their new EBAs were certified.

Only by union members standing together and pushing back against wage stagnation can workers get a better deal.

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