Corporate Avoidance Submission - FWA

Corporate Avoidance Submission - FWA

Senate Standing Committee on Education and Employment Inquiry into corporate avoidance of the Fair Work Act

February 2017


This inquiry comes at important time for Australia’s lowest paid workers, as more and more cases come to light demonstrating how our industrial relations laws are failing Australian workers. United Voice believes an inquiry into some of the most serious problems in our industrial relations and labour market regulations is long overdue.

United Voice has sought to comment on a number of the terms of reference outlined for this inquiry, with a focus on the issues surrounding labour hire, in addition to some of the wider issues around precarious employment, worker exploitation and the undermining by employers of worker rights.

We recognise there are broader policy issues that relate to the effectiveness of the Act that are beyond the scope of this inquiry. Elsewhere, United Voice has advocated for an improved safety net, and has over many years drawn attention to the limitations of bargaining to address the position of the low paid.

We remain committed to working constructively with government, employers and stakeholders to advance the matters concerning this Inquiry, and more broadly, to address stronger protection and a fairer safety net for Australian workers.

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