Chloe knows it's good to be in her unionHospitality worker Chloe was working 10 and 11 hour shifts on a Sunday during the Christmas period getting paid a flat rate of $21.50, no penalty rates given. 

At the time when she needed it most, she was being ripped off every week. Luckily Chloe was part of her union, and she fought back! She recorded every hour and then hit the employer with a letter of demand.

Chloe won back over $1500, giving her some savings to fall back on when needed. But her fight continues!

Now she’s standing up again with her union behind her. 

Her new employer owes her almost $4000 in stolen wages. She’s managed to get some back but she won’t give up until she’s got it all.

Chloe's message to other workers?

“Bosses throw so much abuse at you: 'You’re a terrible worker', 'you don’t deserve proper pay'. Knowing you have a union behind you makes a big difference.” 

"Being union means having someone on your side in a fight!"

Have more than 120,000 people on your side. Join your union here. 

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