Dodgy operators get the boot!

Dodgy operators get the boot!

Security officers, contract cleaners and hospitality staff will be among workers better off after the Queensland State Government cracked down on shoddy contractors.

Its revised procurement policy raises the bar so that companies seeking to tender for government business must meet a threshold of positive employment practices – effectively stamping out sham contracting, wage theft, and ripping off workers through ‘zombie’ employment agreements that pay below award rates.

These dodgy practices were raised in a recent inquiry into wage theft in Queensland, with several unions including United Voice bringing forward issues their members face every day.

The revised policy means good operators will be rewarded for doing the right thing by workers, which is good news for workers and good news for Queensland businesses that treat them fairly.

The voice of unionised workers can influence legislation that affects employment conditions by making submissions to government inquiries.

It’s important for unions and their members to exercise this democratic right at every opportunity.

Make sure your voice is heard - join your union and get involved!

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