Educator wins back $7,400 in stolen wages

Educator wins back $7,400 in stolen wages

Angela is an early childhood educator in Bendigo, Victoria.

In 2019 she realised she had been underpaid for 3 and a half years due to being misclassified (she was being paid as Cert III educator when she was Diploma qualified).

She raised the issue with head office but was told that her company have a policy where you must send in your diploma within 3 months of completing the course or they don't have to back pay you. 

When Angela received her Diploma in 2015, she gave her director a copy (within 1 month of receiving it) but the director didn’t pass this on to head office.

Despite this, her employer still refused to back pay her.

Angela contacted United Voice Victoria, and we met with her employer face to face to demand the backpay.

Her employer finally agreed to backpay the full 3 and half years worth of wages to Angela at a cost of $7,420.77

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