For a happier life - and a job you can count on!

For a happier life - and a job you can count on!

One big benefit of being in your union is almost never mentioned: it makes you happier.

There are lots of benefits to being a union member - you've probably heard about the big ones, like getting better pay, conditions, and protection at work. For many, simply the chance to have a say in your work life makes joining a union an easy decision.  

But how does union membership make you happier?

In a recent American study, Professor's Shufeldt and Flavin found that 

“Labor union membership still has benefits, and that this is true for all union members. Simply put, if one goal of labor unions is to boost the quality of life for their members, our study provides empirical evidence that they are succeeding."



4 ways union membership makes you happier

They identified four key ways that improved members' satisfaction with their lives:

  1. greater satisfaction while working
  2. greater job security
  3. lots of opportunities for social interaction
  4. benefit from a more engaged democratic citizenship

Or, in their words:

“These include having greater satisfaction with one’s experiences while working, feeling greater job security, being afforded numerous opportunities for social interaction and integration, and enhancing the participatory benefits associated with more engaged democratic citizenship.”

Any one of these things would make your working life more satisfying, so it's no surprise that the study concluded:

“we find that labor union members are more satisfied with their lives than non-members.”

So to steal a headline from the New York Times:

If you want to be happy: Join a union!


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