Early Childhood Educators Hold G8 To Account

Early Childhood Educators Hold G8 To Account

Follow up win for educatorsWhen early childhood education and care provider G8 moved to sell 16 of its centres, it gave educators no real notice they were going to be made redundant.

All G8 told their employees was that their centres would be sold and if they got a job with the new proprietor, they wouldn’t get redundancy.

G8 tried to not pay any notice or redundancy pay. United Voice challenged this and won on behalf of members.

Last week the company paid over $88,000 in notice payments it owed to 31 union members.

The payout of the notice period, plus interest, was on top of more than $830,000, and interest, paid in redundancy pay by G8 last year after it lost a case in the Fair Work Commission against United Voice.

G8 had tried to argue that because some of the employees went on to have casual positions with a different company, they were not owed redundancy!

So when G8 sold its centres, the workers stood strong and won their redundancy payments – and they then stayed strong and won their notice period payments.

The disregard by G8 of basic termination entitlements was astonishing but is too common. 

Without a union presence in the workforce G8 would have also got away with it.

Being union is being prepared to fight for your rights – and ensuring yours is a job you can count on. Take the first step to winning yours here - www.unitedvoice.org.au/join 


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