Late Pay Sorted Quick Smart

Late Pay Sorted Quick Smart

Pay should be on time, every time.Security guard Narelle at Melbourne Airport had to take unpaid leave due to health issues.

When she was ready to return, her bosses said she had to take more leave and see another doctor for assessment.

After her unpaid leave, Narelle needed the money and her manager agreed to pay her for the additional time off.

But when pay day arrive there was no money for Narelle.

Payroll hadn’t been told and they said she’d have to wait another week to be paid.

She had bills, rent and other expenses mounting up and so Narelle wasn’t taking this lying down.

She went to her union and within the next day her pay arrived.

That’s the power of having your union in your corner - ensuring you get what you're owed.

Take the first step to making yours a job you can count on here. 


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