Guards' Back Pay Won Back

Guards' Back Pay Won Back

Jobs You Can Count OnGuards at Wilson Security have won a fight for back pay! 

When Wilson guard's new agreement was approved this year, guards working at sites contracted before 2017 were entitled to back pay until late 2018.

In an outrageously bold move, Wilson recently tried to claim that many sites had only been on a Wilson contract since 2017, despite most sites having Wilson since at least 2015!

Wilson used this as an excuse not to pay many guards their correct back pay. 

Members contacted their union and were able to prove the correct length of the Wilson contracts.

Guards will now be back paid 100,000s of dollars that Wilson was trying to scam them out of!

Well done guards on securing what you're owed.

Make sure you're getting what you're owed and yours is a job you can count on. Join your union. 


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