New figures showing hospitality workers will be up to $9,360 worse off over the next three years due to penalty rate cuts highlight the harsh impact the cuts have had on family budgets, United Voice, the union for hospitality workers, said today.

United Voice national secretary Jo Schofield welcomed Labor’s commitment to restoring and protecting penalty rates within its first 100 days in office after Labor released new figures showing the impact of penalty rate cuts.

The figures show hospitality workers would face a pay cut of up to $9360 over three years due to penalty rate cuts, fast food workers would face a pay cut of up to $10,000, retail workers would face a pay cut of up to $15,000 and pharmacy workers would face a pay cut of up to $26,000.

Ms Schofield said pay cuts for hospitality workers had affected their ability to pay for essentials, including energy bills and putting food on the table.

The Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work has found the economy-wide impact of penalty rate cuts when they are fully introduced would be $1.25 billion in pay cuts for workers in the four industries.

The research also found workers over the Easter break would be $80 million worse off over a 10-day period. (The report is available at www.futurework.org.au.)

“Australian workers should not suffer these pay cuts for one day longer than necessary,” Ms Schofield said.

“Workers are facing a pay cut over the Easter break for doing the same job they did two years ago.

“They shouldn’t have to put up with pay cuts from penalty rate cuts, or live in fear that they will be next on the chopping block.

“The fact that over three years barstaff, chefs and waitstaff across Australia will face cuts of up to $9360 from their pay packets highlights the harsh impact these penalty rate cuts have for families trying to make ends meet.

“That’s why United Voice is mobilising like never before to throw out this government with our massive penalty rates campaign. Workers in all sectors of the economy need their penalty rates to be restored and protected.

“Voters have a clear choice at the upcoming Federal election – a vote for more cuts under the Coalition, or a vote for Labor to restore and protect penalty rates.

“No-one’s pay is safe under a Coalition government, unless you are one of their mates. Cleaners, security guards, aged care workers and emergency services staff are asking: who’s next for penalty rate cuts?”

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