A Win At The Lost Dogs Home

A Win At The Lost Dogs Home

Lost Dogs Staff Start Journey To Secure Jobs They Can Count OnLost Dogs Home is one of Australia’s oldest animal shelters. The staff care about the work they are doing, looking after lost or starving animals.

But behind the scenes something much more sinister has been happening.

Staff, stuck on a "zombie agreement" from 2006, have been denied penalty rates, locked into low wages and paw conditions.

Ten months ago, some of the workers got together and said enough is enough.

They called their union, joined and began signing up their colleagues.

As staff joined in droves, management began to get worried.

The union ran a survey uncovering massive issues, low morale and poor communication.

Hundreds of staff signed a petition asking for management to meet them as the story was picked up by the media. 

Finally, management gave in and met with union delegates Fiona Martin, Amanda Smith and Angus Bell.

They agreed to a the union’s demands for changes, including penalty rates from July 1st, and a new joint consultative committee for better communication between management and staff.

Angus Bell, a delegate who fought hard for the changes, said “It’s a big first step for the lost dogs home and will be a new collaborative approach by management to working with staff.”

These workers are on track to winning jobs they can count on. Well done to these dedicated Lost Dogs Home staff!

Start your journey to a job you can count on here. 

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