When a member of the public asks an elected representative about their voting record in parliament, the elected representative should be able to calmly explain and defend their rationale.

This includes any Liberal MP being asked, politely, why they voted eight times to cut penalty rates.


Statement attributable to Jo-anne Schofield, National Secretary, United Voice:

Instead, what we get from Steve Irons MP is a bizarre, unhinged rant and aggressive behaviour.

Steve Irons seems embarrassed and defensive about stripping millions of dollars from workers in his electorate by voting to support cuts to penalty rates.

As an MP, there are surely better ways of explaining your embarrassment of voting to cut low-paid workers’ penalty rates than aggressively approaching the questioner and completely losing it.

His embarrassment is understandable – just this week it was revealed retail and hospitality workers in the electorate of Swan face pay cuts of $21.8 million over the next three years because of penalty rate cuts.

That’s a $21.8 million pay cut for workers under the Coalition that won’t happen under Labor, because only Labor will restore and protect penalty rates.

And no-one in the Coalition has explained who’s next in their sights for penalty rate cuts: Is it nurses? Is it manufacturing workers? Is it aged care workers?

Steve Irons is symptomatic of a Government in chaos. They’re aggressive and defensive when questioned on their terrible record on penalty rates.

We saw it last election a Coalition MP slapped the phone out of someone’s hand at a market in Darwin when asked about penalty rates.

We’ve seen similar over-the-top behaviour when the Prime Minister shirtfronts the Opposition Leader during a televised debate.

And now we’ve seen Steve Irons showing he’s a few roos short in the top paddock, or an aggressive man who can’t control himself.

It’s time to end the chaos. It’s time to restore and protect penalty rates. It’s time for a Labor Government.

Liberal MP Steve Irons’ aggressive response to a question about penalty rates available here

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