United Voice members represent at the national manufacturing summit

United Voice members represent at the national manufacturing summit

Last week, United Voice manufacturing delegates from all over the country came together to attend the National Manufacturing Summit, talking about the future of the manufacturing sector in Australia.

They heard from politicians, academics, journalists and industry leaders about the future of manufacturing in Australia. They heard from researchers there was enormous public support for the manufacturing industry, and that all areas of the sector needs to work together to ensure that manufacturing continues to create good, secure jobs in the future. There was agreement throughout the summit that politicians needed to do more to support the sector and make sure it grows and adapts.

Tony, a United Voice member from South Australia addressed the summit to thank Senator Kim Carr for speaking at the event, and everyone in the room for recognising the importance of manufacturing in Australia.

Tony at the Manufacturing Summit

Members noted that the Summit speakers spoke a lot about "collaboration" but talked mainly about collaboration between different companies and/or companies and government. Members agreed there needs to be more involvement of workers and their unions and the community for "collaboration" to be effective, if manufacturing is to grow sustainably.

Following the summit, United Voice members met to continue the conversation about the key challenges facing the manufacturing industry and discuss United Voice’s role in addressing those issues. 



How do we get industry and government to respond to the public sentiment for a thriving manufacturing industry in Australia?

How do we make government create policy to support manufacturing?

And how can we reframe the message that manufacturing isn't just about economics, it's about what type of society do people in Australia want to live in?


Members then spoke about what a Job You Can Count On looks like for manufacturing workers and committed to working towards improvements across the sector.

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