Norm Vs Wilson Security

Norm Vs Wilson Security


Tell Wilson to stop ripping off their security guards

Norm Davis has been a security guard for 15 years. Despite their already low wages, Wilson Security has been ripping off guards' overtime - cutting already low wages even further.

Can you sign Norm's petition to tell Wilson to stop manipulating overtime hours and stealing wages.

Any security guard will tell you - it's often pretty thankless work. The whole industry tends to work on rotating rosters. Four days on, four days off - for not a lot of pay.

A lot of security companies will try to save money by scheduling overtime shifts on a Sunday. But Wilson security have gone a step further - they're picking and choosing when "overtime" shifts occur - so they always avoid paying overtime.

Wilson guards are having their overtime taken from them.

That's more than 500 security guards being dudded in the ACT alone.

This is systemic wage theft, from people who really can't afford to lose this money. Norm is losing more than three thousand dollars a year - and there are hundreds of people just like Norm.

Together with United Voice, Norm has tried, over and over again, to get Wilson security to stop stealing from their employees.

Now Norm is taking it to court, and the outcome of his case could impact the entire industry, right across Australia.  

The Federal Court of Australia has set March 8 at 10am for Norm Davis VS Wilson Security - and Norm needs to know we've got his back.

Show up at the Federal Court to ensure Wilson Security knows their days of wage theft are over. Find out more details here

***We know that many people will be attending International Women's Day events on March 8. United Voice members will too, after standing with Norm at 10am in Federal Court of Australia. Please come join us***

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