North Queensland education members stand up for their rights

North Queensland education members stand up for their rights

It pays to have someone like Felicity in your cornerA North Queensland teacher aide found herself left in the lurch at the worst possible time, when she was about to take leave to have a baby.

The teacher aide had been working at the same school for five years on contract, but was told she could not access maternity leave and would not have a job to come back to.

That’s when her United Voice delegate, Felicity, stepped in to help – first raising the issue with the Department of Education’s HR department.

“We asked, but we didn’t get the answers we wanted,” Felicity said. So she went to her union to check the member’s rights, and was advised to dispute the issue with the Department’s regional office. 

Thanks to Felicity’s efforts, the member now has 15 weeks’ maternity leave and will be able to come back to work part-time.

Felicity said it was one of the biggest highlights in her year and a half as a delegate.

“She was over the moon. If she didn’t join the union, we wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on.”

Make sure you've got someone like Felicity in your corner. Join United Voice. 

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