Our Leadership

Our Leadership

United Voice is one of Australia’s oldest and largest unions, with a proud progressive history of more than 100 years of making life better for working Australians everywhere. United Voice is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse unions and represents members in a range of sectors including early childhood education and care, cleaning, security, hospitality, manufacturing and health and education.


Members get together in local branches and elect their local branch leadership every four years. Their local branch council meetings help set the agenda and direction of the union as a whole. 

Each branch also works to support members in their workplaces, run innovative, strategic campaigns and engage with political leaders and decision-makers.

United Voice National Council is the national platform for making decisions about the future direction of our union. 

The National Council elects the National Executive, ensuring that members’ voices are heard and vocalised at every level of United Voice. 



Jo-Anne Schofield - National Secretary

Jo-anne Schofield

Jo Schofield is the National Secretary of United Voice, a role she took up in 2015 and was re-elected in August 2018.  Prior to that, she was elected National President in 2014.

Jo has been a member of United Voice for nearly 30 years, and over that time has worked in a variety of roles – including Assistant National Secretary. In all her roles, Jo has focussed on many things, particularly on strengthening women’s place in our union and in the economy.  

In addition to her work with United Voice, Jo has also spent over a decade working with civil society and women’s organisations, and with trade unions to advance the cause of social justice and address inequality.



Helen Gibbons

Helen Gibbons has been a proud member of her union for all her working life. As a United Voice delegate in South Australia, she was involved in the union’s first early childhood education and care campaign and has since organised workers in aged care, disabilities, hotels, cleaning, and casinos, working with them to build better jobs and a powerful voice. Helen is committed to empowering members to stand up, speak out and be heard.



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