Jobs you can count on


Jobs You Can Count On is a United Voice campaign to address the growth in inequality and insecure work.

We believe that each and every Australian is entitled to a fair opportunity to provide for themselves and their family; that everyone should be able to plan for their future.

Our vision is an economy based on jobs which are safe and secure with guaranteed hours and fair wages.


Inequality is not inevitable

Many other parts of the world are becoming more, not less, equal. In Denmark and the Netherlands, the share of national income taken by the top 1% has fallen to historic lows.

United Voice members are leading the fight to combat the growing inequality in Australia.


Workers joining United Voice and getting active in their union is the solution to inequality

We believe that Union is the solution to the inequality crisis. Our members are fighting to improve their lives; everything we do is to that end. One solution is industry bargaining – giving all workers a genuine voice through industry bargaining is the solution to the wage crisis.

Industry bargaining involves a collective agreement that covers all workers in an industry or sector of the economy. It contrasts to enterprise bargaining where agreements only cover individual firms.

Industry bargaining is not radical. Many OECD countries actively facilitate industry level collective bargaining to address equality and economic growth. Industry bargaining is vital for United Voice members who, due to the areas they work in, cannot access any gains through enterprise bargaining.

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