Jobs you can count on


Jobs You Can Count On is a United Voice campaign to address the growth in inequality and insecure work.

We believe that each and every Australian is entitled to a fair opportunity to provide for themselves and their family; that everyone should be able to plan for their future.

Our vision is an economy based on jobs which are safe and secure with guaranteed hours and fair wages.


Inequality is not inevitable

Many other parts of the world are becoming more, not less, equal. In Denmark and the Netherlands, the share of national income taken by the top 1% has fallen to historic lows.

United Voice members are leading the fight to combat the growing inequality in Australia.


Workers joining United Voice and getting active in their union is the solution to inequality

We believe that Union is the solution to the inequality crisis. Our members are fighting to improve their lives; everything we do is to that end. One solution is industry bargaining – giving all workers a genuine voice through industry bargaining is the solution to the wage crisis.

Industry bargaining involves a collective agreement that covers all workers in an industry or sector of the economy. It contrasts to enterprise bargaining where agreements only cover individual firms.

Industry bargaining is not radical. Many OECD countries actively facilitate industry level collective bargaining to address equality and economic growth. Industry bargaining is vital for United Voice members who, due to the areas they work in, cannot access any gains through enterprise bargaining.

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Access to leave when you need it most

Michael, a dealer at Melbourne's Crown Casino, had to take leave due to a family tragedy. When he returned, and despite providing the necessary proof, his employers subtracted the time... Read more

Cleaners win back jobs

Two more cleaners from Melbourne’s Iconic Flinders Street Station have won back their jobs. These cleaners lost their permanent contracts with only a days’ notice and were put onto casual... Read more

Paramedic Registration costs covered

Paramedics are on the frontline, saving lives and serving their community. Now, the Government has agreed to cover one of the compulsory fees they have to pay to keep getting... Read more

Winning back fair hours

Imagine walking into work and being told you had to do the same, arduous work, but in 90 minutes less… That’s what happened to some United Voice members in South... Read more

Katherine wins $10,500 underpayment claim

United Voice member Katherine was systematically underpaid by her employer Blue Reef Travel (aka Stay Oz) over a period of two years.  Stay Oz paid Katherine a flat rate for... Read more

Educator Schools Employer

An ACT Early Childhood Educator was routinely sent home half an hour early by her employer - without advanced notification. As a member of United Voice, the educator worked out... Read more

Workers snubbed, but not forced to take leave

XXXX brewery workers have been part of ongoing enterprise bargaining negotiations with Lion, the international parent company that owns the iconic Queensland beer. Last week, the beer company celebrated their... Read more

It pays to know your rights

Sandra Cross worked as a casual chef for many years in a busy kitchen. Over the years she began to develop pain in her feet and ankles during busy shifts.... Read more

$60 a week is a lot of money

Victorian School Cleaner Patrick was sure he was getting the incorrect rate of pay.  And with this help of his union, Patrick's spoken up and won what he's owed! Read more

Paramedics win a one-off reprieve of $190

Queensland’s 3000 or so paramedics have joined together and won a commitment from the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) to pay current employees an initial one-off application fee for their professional... Read more
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