Statement attributable to Jo-anne Schofield, National Secretary, United Voice:

Figures released today by the McKell Institute show the Coalition’s cuts to penalty rates would strip Australian workers of $2.9 billion over the life of the next parliament, leaving United Voice members in other industries rightly asking: “Am I next?”

United Voice’s aged care members are concerned about their penalty rates, especially when the usual talking heads and lobby groups made it very clear over recent public holidays that they continue to believe cuts to penalty rates are a great idea.

Scott Morrison’s big business puppet-masters at ACCI were out defending the cuts despite figures showing workers losing $80 million over the Easter period alone.

His out-of-touch media cheer squad were also attacking the rights of weekend and public holiday workers to their penalty rates over the past few days … all laying the groundwork for him to look at whose penalty rates he’ll cut next.

Big business lied to Australia when they said new jobs would be created by penalty rate cuts – retail and hospitality have been among the lowest job creation industries in Australia.

And as today’s figures show, the Coalition, the mate of big business, hurt the people of Australia when they voted 8 times to cut penalty rates.

No wonder aged care workers – who rely on penalty rates when caring for Australia’s elderly in their own homes or in residential care – are nervous and asking whether they are next for the chop.

Or will it be paramedics and nurses? They save lives on weekends and public holidays – does the Prime Minister have their penalty rates in his sights?

This rot has to end.

Only Labor will restore and protect penalty rates. And United Voice members will be making sure that happens.

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