A win for flexibility around family

A win for flexibility around family

Family commitments recignisedReturning from parental leave only to find your employer is inflexible about your new family commitments is the last thing you need.

An Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) in Queensland, who was initially denied a request for a more flexible roster on her return to work, saw no other option but to get her union involved.

With assistance from her United Voice delegate and one of the union’s Ambulance Team organisers (who engaged her employer in some lengthy negotiation), the EMD was able to secure a part-time roster based around childcare commitments that she needed.

Getting your union reps to advocate on your behalf tips the balance in your favour when negotiating a fairer deal from your employer.

It's important you have a voice to secure your job you can count on. Start speaking with a stronger voice here. 

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