David (and his Union) v Goliath

David (and his Union) v Goliath

David sticks to his guns and winsAged care giant BlueCare recently tried to accuse United Voice member David of putting his feet up at home and not attending scheduled client visits that were part of his In-Home Personal Carer role in regional Queensland.

He was shocked that after over a decade of committed service in the role he could have such serious accusations thrown at him.

So what was BlueCare on about? Well, according to them, their GPS system showed his car was staying put and not moving from location to location.

Despite David pointing out that it was a mere technical fault that gave this impression, BlueCare pushed ahead without any other evidence and slapped him with a First and Final Warning and a Performance Improvement Plan set up to result in his dismissal.

They simply refused to listen and wouldn’t take him at his word.

Utterly confounded, David sought the help of United Voice.  Then, after a drawn out battle, BlueCare admitted there was no basis for such a serious, life-wrecking accusation and removed the written warnings.

The win was achieved through David’s grit and unwavering resolve that he was in the right.

“Without United Voice,” he said, “I would have spiralled quickly so I thank you for giving me the fighting spirit and now I have the guts and determination to fight for myself and my fellow workers even harder.”

“By joining United Voice, you are joining a family that will stand by you in the fight for a Job You Can Count On,” he said.

Join with David to beat the many Goliaths out there here. 

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