Qld Government listens to United Voice members

Qld Government listens to United Voice members

Qld Gov acts on workers' storiesUnited Voice members across Queensland have welcomed moves by the State Government to outlaw wage theft, after it accepted all recommendations from a recent Parliamentary Inquiry.

Among its recommendations, the report called for wage theft to be criminalised and a crackdown on sham contracting, zombie agreements, withholding super and labour hire at both a state and federal level.

United Voice members, including contract workers in industries such as cleaning, security and hospitality, are all too frequently victims of wage theft.

The criminalisation of wage theft will hold dodgy employers accountable and help to protect some of our most vulnerable workers.

This win was made possible by the many United Voice members who stood up, spoke out and allowed their stories to be told in a multi-union submission to the inquiry.

Our voices have been heard by the State Labor Government, and United Voice members will be holding both levels of government to account to ensure the changes are rolled out.

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