Radiation therapy members win fair rosters

Radiation therapy members win fair rosters

Jobs You Can Count OnRadiation therapy members at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) have successfully opposed a harsh rostering system.

SCUH management’s solution to meet increased demand for radiation therapy services was to propose extending the therapists’ working day with inflexible rosters that impacted on their work-life balance and purposefully reduced penalty rates for members.

The radiation therapists were also concerned the inflexibility of rosters would delay potential delivery of life saving treatment to patients.

After SCUH remained unwilling to alter the proposed rosters, United Voice members David and Matthew worked within their department to build union strength and ensure they had the power to fight back.

Through their work, the number of United Voice members in their section increased from seven to 27 of the 33 affected by the proposed rosters.

Now highly unionised, the radiation therapy members held strong and forced change by escalating the issue further up the management chain.

They successfully re-negotiated their rosters to not only provide increased services but also ensure work-life balance for members.

Collective action in the workplace is the most effective way to secure fair conditions from management.

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