Ross wins his job back

Ross wins his job back

Ross winning back his job he can count onRoss Wunungmurra is a Patrol Officer in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

In a rush to complete his time sheet, Ross accidentally filled out the week he had actually been away.

Ross’ manager made a complaint to the acting CEO, who fired him on the grounds that he was trying to claim hours he didn’t work.

As a member of United Voice, Ross knew he could fight back, and took it to his union.

Ross and United Voice took his employer to the Fair Work Commission for unfair dismissal.

The Commission ruled that Ross was unfairly dismissed and that he should not only be reinstated, but also receive five months in back pay for the time he spent out of work.

This is why unions are key to winning jobs you can count on.

Take the first step to ensuring yours is a job you can count on. 

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