Winning back fair hours

Winning back fair hours

A Job You Can Count On means secure hours
Imagine walking into work and being told you had to do the same, arduous work, but in 90 minutes less…

That’s what happened to some United Voice members in South Australia.

The cleaners at a Southern Cross aged care facility were told they would now need to complete all their normal duties in 90 minutes less time so they could add another whole area to their cleaning roster.

There was no consultation, and barely any notice.

“It was really stressful. It was unrealistic to expect us to do the same work in less time, and add a whole other list of duties,” Lucy, one of the affected cleaners, said.

“I raised it with management but didn’t get a response.”

The cleaners contacted their union who started discussions with management.

Lucy and her co-workers stood together as union members, and worked with their United Voice representatives to deal with the problem.

Long story short – all cleaners’ hours have now been restored.

“We were all very happy when it came to an end, and we got our hours back. Working together made all the difference,” Lucy said.

Be like Lucy. Join your union for a job you can count on.

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