Security Guard's unpaid wages won

Security Guard's unpaid wages won

When the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games closed in April 2018, Harsh Patel had only been paid for four of the 10 shifts he’d worked as a security officer for one of the event’s sub-contractors, Trojan Security.

Harsh made several approaches to his employer over a period of several months to have the wages paid, but to no avail.

Because he was part of a strong union, he was able to seek assistance, and secured $2701.95 in unpaid wages and allowances last month.

Meanwhile, a FWC audit of the Games’ security providers and sub-contractors found none were compliant with workplace laws and had left many employees hired for the event out of pocket.

Employers are obliged by law to pay employees everything they’re owed on time. It pays to be vigilant about a correct record of your hours and entitlements appearing on your payslip. And if it shows you’ve been underpaid, union representation can be the most effective way to recover what you’re owed.

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