SUPER SATURDAY - What does it mean for you?

SUPER SATURDAY - What does it mean for you?

The “Super Saturday” by-elections this weekend are vitally important for not just United Voice members who live in those five seats but for every one of the 120,000 United Voice members who deserve a job you can count on.

With Malcolm Turnbull holding on to power with a razor-thin majority (and the sharks in his own party circling) let’s breakdown the key points of the five by-elections and how they affect United Voice members.

Longman, Queensland.

Squeezed in between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, this area is full of people who deserve a job, and public services, they can count on.

Susan Lamb is committed to delivering both.

Susan is a former Teacher Aide and current United Voice member. She’s recontesting this seat for the Labor Party.

You will struggle to find a person in parliament more committed to ensuring Early Childhood Educators receive the fair, professional pay they deserve, and that everyone has a job they can count on.

United Voice is 100% behind the United Voice member in this by-election.

The voters have a choice – a massive tax cut for the big banks or someone in parliament fighting for United Voice members … fighting for a fairer deal for people like you.

It’s really that simple.


Braddon, Tasmania.

Another tight race is in the north-west Tassie seat of Braddon.

In the 2016 election, the self-proclaimed “Three Amigos” – all Liberal Party members, were booted out by the voters after all three backed cuts to penalty rates.

Maybe they should have called themselves “The Three Stooges” instead?

Why I oughta...

However – one has come back from the political-dead to try to get back in.

Brett Whiteley was part of the Government as it slashed $70m from Tasmanian schools. 

Brett cheered when penalty rates were cut. Now he wants back in.

Justine Keay, on the other hand, is committed to ensuring it's Medicare, not the big banks, that gets funded properly. She's also commited to reinstating weekend rates.

The question to Braddon voters is – do you want a bloke like Brett back in parliament so he can continue the cuts, or Justine in there fighting for a fair go for the North-West of Tasmania?


Fremantle and Perth, Western Australia.

There are two seats up for grabs in the west on Saturday; Fremantle and Perth.

In a weird move, the Liberal Party haven’t bothered to put up a candidate in either. Maybe they know that cuts to penalty rates aren’t too popular in Western Australia?

Patrick Gorman, the Labor candidate in Perth, is a former United Voice official who has seen first-hand what United Voice members need to secure a job they can count on.

Josh Wilson in Freo is a great friend of the Union – campaigning alongside United Voice members on job security and pay issues for many years.

Patrick and Josh - fighting for a fair go in the west

Patrick and Josh know Malcolm Turnbull’s massive tax cuts for the big end of town actually hurt hardworking United Voice members.

While our Aged Care workforce is crying out for more investment, Malcolm Turnbull has instead decided that Westpac, ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank need a massive corporate tax cut.

Patrick and Josh will never accept that argument.


Mayo, South Australia.

Nestled in the leafy Adelaide Hills, most pundits reckon this by-election will be a two-horse race between Rebekha Sharkie of Team X (or whatever they call themselves now) and the Liberal’s Silver-Spoon candidate, Georgina Downer.

Telecommunications expert Professor Reg Coutts is Labor’s candidate in the seat, where he aims to put forward the case for a decent NBN and reinstating weekend rates.

Georgina Downer (right) wants to abolish the minimum wage and penalty rates.

Unlike Reg, neither Rebekha nor Georgina is known for being a friend of working people.

Sharkie can be a bit unpredictable in terms of which way she’ll vote in parliament – very often siding with the Government.

However, it would be catastrophic for United Voice members if Georgina Downer got her way.

She’s previously called for the minimum wage AND PENALTY RATES to be scrapped all together. Not cut… ABOLISHED.


But I don’t live in those seats – why should I care?

A full federal election will happen within 6 months or so.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Malcolm Turnbull and his mob aren’t going to deliver a job you can count on for United Voice members.

Across the country – if these by-elections are a good result for the LNP than it’s going to be a tougher fight to win a better, more secure working life.

Whatever happens on Saturday, 28th July – United Voice will always fight for a job you can count on.

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