Wrest Point and Country Club to pay back staff

Wrest Point and Country Club to pay back staff

Wrest Point and Country Club will now pay their staff for compulsory trainingFederal Group, who own both Wrest Point and Country Club in Tasmania, will now pay their staff for compulsory training following United Voice Tasmania lodging a dispute with the Fair Work Commission.

Since 2013, workers at Country Club Casino and Wrest Point Casino were directed by Federal Group to complete the compulsory training course Responsible Conduct of Gambling at home.

The course teaches employees how to recognise and address problem gambling, how to understand gaming legislation and how to minimise harmful gambling.

Following conciliation between Federal Group and United Voice, casino workers will now be back paid for compulsory training they were instructed to take in their own time.

“It was wrong that Federal Group expected workers to not be remunerated for compulsory training that is a very important requirement of their day-to-day work,” Jannette Armstrong, Tasmanian Branch Secretary of United Voice, said.

“And it is outrageous that they’ve been expecting this of their staff since 2013,” she said.

“The fact that they thought they could get a freebie from their staff for compulsory training means we really have to question just how serious their commitment to addressing problem gambling in Tasmania’s casinos really is.”

United Voice has requested a full audit of all training practices at both casinos be conducted.

The union estimates that between 400 to 700 employees are affected and the cost of lost wages for unpaid training hours since 2013 could be up to $120,000.

“The time spent registering, training and doing this assessment takes four to six hours for employees to complete,” Ms. Armstrong said.

“This should never, ever have been unpaid work.”

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